Camping by Motorcycle

Although the gang spends quite a bit of time outside camping already, we have been talking about doing it right off our motorcycles for quite some time. It turned into a common topic around the campfire. 

The goal was to load whatever you think you may need for a three night, four day trip through Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra – right on the bikes. No support truck, just each other. Pile it on wide or tall and hit the road. You in?

A brisk and breezy sunrise over my pile of stuff next to my bike on morning two. We woke up… err maybe never went to sleep, very wind chapped, tired, dusty and possibly hungover. We got some coffee on board, thawed out, and loaded up for the next 150 miles. 

I did realize it was a little more difficult to site see and let the eyes wander while on the bike versus sitting in the truck. Sitting on the motorcycle riding through the area definitely allows you to absorb the environment a little more as far as the elements and smells and so on, but you better keep your eyes on the trail or you’ll end up in the dirt. 

Is it a proper moto trip without a couple hiccups? That’s all part of the fun. Teaming up and making it work out. Noah and KB getting down on a flat fix mid day. Thom bounced off a couple rocks and a real tired getter section and took a spill. We let him point and be in charge to shake it off while everyone else got to work. Not without a couple frosty beverages of course. 

One of the best parts about a trip like this is not only the places you can see and access on two wheels rather than four, but just the simple camps and ease of locations to set up shop for the night. A few motorcycles and a chunk of dirt is a little easier than circling seven trucks around and trying to have room for the full load. 

It is not a trip style for every outing that’s for sure, but I promise you it won’t be the last.

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