Huckberry X Coors Banquet

I had the opportunity to tell a little bit of my story by way of Huckberry and Coors Banquet. I have worked with both companies previously and when they reached out with the Golden Hour Series idea I immediately wanted to be a part of it. 

The goal was to go out and do what I love and talk about my experiences in the fire service and how I got there. I felt like there was so much tot all about and we had to squeeze it all into about a five minute short, so please if this sparks any interest or questions, please do reach out.

You can read the full story here over on the Huckberry website.

In the meantime, enjoy the video we put together.

Here is a small chunk of the nice photo set the crew over at Huckberry shared with me.

I am still beyond stoked to work with brands like this that support the same things I do. I have worked with Huckberry quite a bit on a few different levels and having Coors Banquet on board following their Protect the West campaign, just means a ton to me. 

I hope you enjoy the collaboration as much as I did.

Thank you everyone.

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